This episode of the Tractor Time podcast was recorded on a sunny spring day in Greeley, Colorado, on March 20, 2019. 

Author, journalist and gardener Jodie Helmer is here to discuss bees, butterflies, and even long-nosed bats!

Bees pollinating flowers

Helmer's latest book, Protecting Pollinators, breaks down the various environmental threats to pollinators, and takes readers inside current efforts to mitigate those threats.

We know that pollinators are one of the secret ingredients for growing food that we've neglected to include in a lot of our commercial agriculture systems. In this discussion with Helmer, we'll learn more about how the "protect the bees" movement is doing, and what we can do with the land that we own, rent and work to help foster a better environment.

Listen to Tractor Time episode 27 here.

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