On December 13, we celebrate National Horse day, a day to remember the economic, historic, and cultural contributions that horses have made. Here's some books to help you learn more and care for these majestic creatures. 

(Order by December 15 to get them before the holidays without extra shipping fees.) 

Natural Horse Care


Proper horse care begins with good nutrition practices. Chances are, if a horse needs medical attention, the causes can be traced to poor feeding practices, nutrient-deficient feed, bad farming and, ultimately, imbalanced, demineralized soil. Pat Coleby shares decades of experience working with a variety of horses. She explains how conventional farming and husbandry practices compromise livestock health, resulting in problems that standard veterinary techniques can’t properly address.

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Horse-Powered Farming for the 21st Century


Now is a time of exciting new developments for live animal power. As the numbers of adherents to this way of life grow, ecologically minded farmers in their fields are developing efficient horse-drawn systems, and equipment manufacturers in small shops all across North America and Europe are coming forth with new innovations in ground-drive technology that have us poised on the cusp of another agricultural revolution―with working horses, mules, donkeys, and oxen at the heart of it.

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The Healing of Horses


The Healing of Horses – Carrie Eastman’s latest book – is a guide for unique ways to determine the health of your horse, and holistic ways to prevent disease, treat minor injuries and ensure the highest quality of health for your horses. Eastman shares the techniques, methods and philosophies she has found most useful. 

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And, as an honorary mention to the horse's relative and an equally good work animal, the donkey, we offer the following title:

Get Your Ass To Work!


This is a practical, hands-on guide to training donkeys to work – in harness and packing – to serve the needs of small farmers and homesteaders. It offers a clear and detailed program for each step of training, designed to enable you to bring an untrained donkey into the animal work force within a month or six weeks, and offers basic information on caring for your donkey.

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