Looking for some reading materials for the next generation of eco-farmers? We offer an ever-growing variety of children's books to help little ones learn more about nature and biodiversity. 

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Sip, Pick, and Pack


This book pairs gorgeous illustrations with descriptions and explanations of how pollinators, particularly bees, work to pollinate flowers in a healthy garden, which results in healthy food.

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Garden Buddies


This beautifully illustrated book is perfect for the curious child who wants to learn more about insects – especially ones that can be found in their very own backyard! In addition to a delightful rhyme following various insects and small creatures that one might find in a garden, the back of the book offers an illustrated glossary of even more insects for children to identify.

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Diabetes And Me


Written by a very talented 8-year-old, Diabetes and Me is the story of a boy who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and his journey through treatment and management. Chase Schmitt wrote this book to help other kids who have been newly diagnosed to help them better know what it's like to live with the disease. This book has chapters on diagnosis, playing sports, PODS, school life, home life, teachers and even has some of Chase's favorite recipes and tricks for managing the disease. 

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Food In the Flowers


This beautifully illustrated book with rhyming descriptions encourages children to exercise observation skills and to appreciate diversity, even among the bees, who help us grow our food when they visit flowers to find their own food. In addition to the illustrations, two pages of song music are included in the back, as well as more descriptions and facts about pollinators. 

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