The 45th Annual Eco-Ag Conference will kick-off a bit early this year with this free webinar! Join us for a quick and educational webinar on November 19th and then register for the Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show, December 1-4 to get access to all of our eco-ag sessions and workshops. Sign up for the webinar here

What You'll Learn:

Understanding soil health can be summarized by three factors that are vital in regenerative agriculture: biological, chemical and physical aspects.

Most growers think of increased biological biodiversity with the application of beneficial soil bacteria and fungi. Unfortunately, this initial approach, is generally flawed since you can’t keep a stable microbial population without building a stable home.

This webinar will discuss how to provide the proper habitat so that soil microbes can flourish and diversify to optimize soil health. Brought to you by the soil experts from our sponsor, TPS Lab

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