It's almost the new year, so we thought we'd take a look back at our top 10  Eco-Farming Daily articles from the year 2019. Enjoy these free eco-farming articles!

1. Kunekune Pigs: Perfect for Small Farms

By Karin Kraft. Learn about these tasseled, sweet-tempered, medium-sized pigs which hail from New Zealand. Read the full article.

2. Humic Acid: The Science of Humus and How it Benefits Soil

By Michael Martin Meléndrez. This article breaks down the science and benefits of humus and humic acid – including descriptions of soil organic matter, the physics of humic acid and how to build your humic acid levels. Read the full article.

3. Soil Restoration: 5 Core Principles

By Dr. Christine Jones. Everyone benefits when soils are a net carbon sink. Soil ecologist Dr. Christine Jones shares five farming management tools to boost soil carbon sequestration on your land. Read the full article.

4. Eggs: Tips to Boost Production

By Kelly Klober. Successful, profitable egg production begins and ends with the hen, her breeding, and her care. Read the full article.

5. How to Grow, Harvest and Use Lemon Balm

By Jill Henderson. Learn how to grow, harvest, dry, store, and use lemon balm from expert eco-gardener Jill Henderson. Read the full article.

6. America's Native Bamboo

By Jill Henderson. Did you know that the U.S. has its own species of native bamboo? Learn ways to identify, cultivate and utilize America’s three distinct native species of bamboo. Read the full article.

7. Growing Microgreens for Profit

By Lauren Turner. Follow Michael Douglas and his wife, Astrid Raffinpeyloz, who operate Itsy Bitsy Greens, an organic/biodynamic microgreens farm in Sequim, Washington. Read the full article.

8. Humus: What is it and How is it Formed?

By Erhard Hennig. This excerpt from the book Secrets of Fertile Soils goes in-depth on the topic of humus. Read the full article.

9. Branching Out: Fruit Tree Grafting

By Cary Rideout. Grafting fruit trees has a long, noble historya nd rightfully so. With a sharp knife and a little know-how, anyone can bring new life to old trees. Read the full article.

10. Snap! Build a Weasel Trap to Protect Your Poultry

By Cary Rideout. Few wild creatures have the fearsome reputation for barnyard mayhem the tiny weasel does – learn how to construct a trap to protect your flock. Read the full article.

Honorable mention: Supporting the Soil Carbon Sponge: An Interview with Walter Jehne

Interview by Tracy Frisch. This is one of our most-read interview articles, and features Australian microbiologist and climate scientist Walter Jehne. In it, he discusses in-depth the many connections between soil health and climate change. It's well worth a read! Read the interview here.

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