There are so many people we want to thank for for getting our April magazine printed and delivered. Everyone stepped up in a big way, including our team of designers, writers and editors, extending to our advertising support. Two big unsung heroes we did want to highlight: a big thank you to the printing team in Wisconsin at Mittera, and to the valiant employees at the U.S. Postal Service. We could never do this without them, and especially this month, we did not want to miss the chance to recognize them. 

Our theme for April's issue is Transitioning, and we have a ton of information to share from farmers about steps they took to build a new, or first, soil health strategy. It is now available for sale, both in digital form and in print, for just $6.00. The issue is volume #586 in our catalog, meaning we haven't missed a month since we started in 1971. We owe that streak to our amazing readers, so to you, we owe a big thanks as well.

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