The September issue of Acres U.S.A. magazine is now available for sale, both in digital form and in print, for just $6.00.

The issue, volume #579 in our catalog, features 100 pages of information focused on ecological health and ecosystem regeneration. Articles include details about prairie management, weather science, rising salinity in soils and an intriguing piece on brix and bugs, and much more. 

Our featured interview is with orchardist, author and soil fungal expert Michael Phillips. He says in the interview, “The plants and fungi have always sung what I think of as a soil redemption song — and they'll continue to sing it — and that is what makes life possible on earth. Our job is to emulate all these good teachings and to make it part of our agriculture, part of our communities, part of our innate understanding of what it is to be a caring human on this blessed planet.”



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