The April 2019 issue of Acres U.S.A. magazine is now available for digital download for just $6.00.

This month, the magazine features information and stories on the theme "Transitioning to Eco-Farming."

It includes articles about entrepreneurs thinking differently about agriculture, tips for accessing farmland, diversification techniques and even articles about basic increases to corn yields ... and much more.

Here's a few highlights from the Table of Contents: 

Entrepreneurial Passion
by Richard J. Skelly
Find out how young farmer Jessica Neiderer grew her small operation into a prosperous supplier of organic vegetables and fruits in the Garden State.

Farming Fungi for Fun & Profit
by Leigh Glenn
Get an inside look at the Virginia mushroom-growing scene and consider growing these myco-delights yourself.

Open-Pollinated Corn for Organic Farming
by Tim King
Farmer Stanley Smith, who farms 205 acres near Lewiston, Minnesota suspected that today’s overpriced and overbred hybrid seed corn might not be such a good deal compared to the less expensive open-pollinated varieties so he did his own trial.

What’s In Your Organic Fertilizer?
by Tom Schenk
There is so much pollution in our environment that it is difficult to find pure, pristine fertilizer ingredients. Tom Schenk examines some popular organic fertilizers and their sources.

 ... There's more! Download your copy today or subscribe to Acres U.S.A. magazine.



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