Today, April 10, 2019, is National Farm Animals Day. At Acres U.S.A., we're happy to find any reason to celebrate the wonderful animals we partner with for farm production, food, labor and companionship. 

National Farm Animals Day

To celebrate National Farm Animals Day, we put together this Suggested Reading List of books that highlight the importance of, and care and management techniques for farm animals.

National Farm Animals Day Reading List

Brand-new Title 

Dr. Dettloff's book was just published in 2019, and is already one of our most popular titles.

Dr. Paul Dettloff's Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically – In this book, Dr. Dettloff hands over a literal lifetime of learning and observation on how to raise livestock in healthier, more productive, and more humane ways.

Copyright 2018 • 446 pages • Hardcover

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Newman Turner's classics 

Frank Newman Turner was one of the founders of the modern environmental movement and published some of the first organic farming and gardening magazines. As a farmer, he received numerous awards in animal breeding and horticulture. A true visionary, many of his agricultural innovations are only now being rediscovered by a new wave of organic farmers and graziers.

All four of Turner's books can be purchased together for a lower price, which is the best bang for your buck. View the Newman Turner combination deal here. Here is a breakout of his individual titles:

Cure Your Own Cattle – Turner describes simple herbal remedies which have proved effective in the treatment on the farm of the common diseases of cattle. Copyright 1950, 2009 • 96 pages • Softcover

Herdsmanship – Turner explains that livestock illness is a result of bad farming practices and that real livestock health begins with true natural farming disciplines such as composting, biodiverse pastures with deep-rooted forages and herbs, and more. Copyright 1951, 2009 • 239 pages • Softcover

Fertility Farming – Turner explores an approach to farming that makes minimal use of plowing, eschews chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and encourages cover cropping and manure applicationCopyright 1951, 2009 • 247 pages • Softcover

Fertility Pastures – Turner details his methods of intensive pasture-based production of beef and dairy cows in a practical guide to profitable, labor-saving livestock production. Copyright 1951, 2009 • 195 pages • Softcover

Temple Grandin's expertise 

Award-winning author Temple Grandin is famous for her groundbreaking approach to decoding animal behavior.

Temple Grandin's Guide to Working with Farm Animals – Learn to become a skilled observer of animal movement and behavior. Detailed illustrations will help you set up simple and efficient facilities. Copyright 2017 • 192 pages • Softcover

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Focus on Poultry

Hatching & Brooding Your Own Chicks: Chickens, Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Guinea Fowl

Kelly Klober combo: Talking Chicken and Beyond the Chicken

Focus on Cattle 

Treating Dairy Cows Naturally

A Holistic Vet's Prescription for a Healthy Herd

Focus on Pigs

Dirt Hog by Kelly Klober

The Marvelous Pigness of Pigs by Joel Salatin

Want More?

View even more great titles in the Livestock collection.



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