The May 2019 Acres U.S.A. magazine issue is now available, both in physical and downloadable formats. In this issue, our stories are focused on pollinators and permaculture; we include features on using nature for pest control, rescuing fescue, practical foliar applications and more. 

Special in this issue: A reprint of the original 1971 interview with Dr. William Albrecht by Charles Walters, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of Dr. William Albrecht's professorship at the University of Missouri. 

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In May's issue:

Reaching Beyond Stewardship
By Tracy Frisch 
An American family from New England moves to New Zealand and embraces the Maori concept of guardianship.

Preventing Pests with Nature
By Greta Burroughs
Providing habitats for beneficial insects and improving soil are much wiser ways to manage pests than simply spraying pesticides.

Women in Agriculture Supporting One Another
By Jill Henderson
Women are the fastest growing group of organic and sustainable farmers in America, and they are forming groups to support one another, foster creativity and help make better laws for small farms.

Restoring the Land: Louis Bromfield and Permanent Agriculture
By Anneliese Abbott

Pasture as Foundation of Health
By Tracy Frisch
Double J Jerseys leads the way in organic dairy.

Finding Land: To Lease or to Buy?
By Stephanie Hiller
Despite the high costs of farmland, those hoping to farm have many options and resources. 

Rescuing Fescue
By Aliya Hall
Laboratory analysis helps grass seed farmers in Oregon — both those who want low levels of toxic endophytes and those who don’t.

Practical Foliar Application
By Bryan O'Hara
Tobacco Road Farm in Connecticut uses a diverse blend of ingredients to provide fine-tuned assistance to crops. 

And more!



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