The March issue of Acres U.S.A. is now available for digital download for just $6.00. This month, in addition to our usual variety of engaging and informative articles on ecological agriculture, we're excited to bring you several pieces on poultry farming.

Acres U.S.A. Magazine March 2019

Like most agricultural enterprises, poultry looks very different depending on its scale. Industrial poultry is frankly appalling. Regular Acres U.S.A. readers are well aware of the cruelty of the meat factories that provide most of the 50+ million chickens that are consumed every day worldwide.

Farmers who operate on a smaller, more regenerative scale, though, are able to appreciate what wonderful creatures chickens, turkeys, ducks and other fowl are. Not that there aren't still dirty, smelly moments when poultry is raised on pasture, but natural environments provide such a better way for birds to express their bird-ness. The difference in scale allows the animals to maintain their dignity and the farmers their sanity. It gives farmers an opportunity to make a profit without first going into massive debt. Our articles this month will inspire and help you in your efforts.

This issue also features articles on topics such as biochar as a feed supplement, the paperpot transplanter and how to deal with herbicide drift. Entomologist Dr. Jonathan Lundgren shares lessons he's learned about regenerative agriculture during his years as a corn researcher. Anneliese Abbot presents the fourth in her series of enlightening histories of the organic movement in America. And we publish the second part of our interview with advocate, researcher and author Eric Holt-Giménez on the global food system, economics and peasant farmers.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think!



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