Food Tank – a non-profit dedicated to health, sustainability and the environment – recently released its Summer Reading List. The list includes 29 titles that, according to the website, "will inspire farmers to adopt better agricultural practices, eaters to select more ethically grown foods, city designers to incorporate more equitable green space, policymakers to support indigenous food sovereignty, and much more."

Five of the books on the list are titles that you can buy right here at Acres U.S.A.! Here they are, gathered in one easy-to-access place. Get your copies and start the conversation today. Happy reading!

#5. Community-Scale Composting Systems by James McSweeney

This high-quality, extensive hardback book provides detailed instructions for composting at scales large enough to capture and recycle the organic wastes of a given community, whether a school, neighborhood, or even a small city.

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#9. Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life by David R. Montgomery

David R. Montgomery introduces us to farmers around the world at the heart of a brewing soil health revolution that could bring humanity’s ailing soil back to life remarkably fast. Growing a Revolution draws on visits to farms in the industrialized world and developing world to show that a new combination of farming practices can deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions to problems farmers face today.

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Interested in learning more from this author? Listen to the free Tractor Time podcast episode featuring David R. Montgomery and his wife, Anne Biklé, here

#11. Holistic Management Handbook, 3rd edition, by Allan Savory with Jody Butterfield

Holistic management is a systems-thinking approach for managing resources developed by Allan Savory decades ago after observing the devastation of desertification in his native Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). This book updates Savory's paradigm-changing vision for reversing desertification, stemming the loss of biodiversity, eliminating fundamental causes of human impoverishment throughout the world, and climate change. Reorganized chapters make it easier for readers to understand the framework for Holistic Management and the four key insights that underlie it. New color photographs showcase before-and-after examples of land restored by livestock.

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Interested in learning more? Listen to the free Tractor Time podcast episode featuring Savory Institute CEO Daniella Ibarra-Howell, here.

#17. Protecting Pollinators: How to Save the Creatures that Feed our World by Jodi Helmer

This book explores why the statistics on pollinator decline have become so dire and how they can be reversed. Jodi Helmer breaks down the latest science on environmental threats and takes readers inside the most promising conservation initiatives. Efforts include famers reducing pesticides, cities creating butterfly highways, volunteers ripping up invasive plants, gardeners planting native flowers, and citizen scientists monitoring migration. 

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Want more? Listen to the free Tractor Time podcast episode featuring author Jodi Helmer, here.

#25. The Whole Okra by Chris Smith

This collection of okra history, lore, recipes, craft projects and growing advice is a must-read for any gardener or food-lover. Chris Smith shares his fascination with okra, combining his research with a wry humor to present the reader with culinary tips, unique projects, and little-known facts about this vagabond vegetable.

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 The full list: Read the full list on Food Tank here.

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