Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in the 2nd annual Healthy Soil Summit! We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our speakers and sponsors, who helped us pivot in the middle of a global pandemic and make this event available to everyone online. We loved meeting the participants and hearing them ask intelligent, informed questions of our speakers. 

On the first day, we learned about the intricacies of soil carbon, biology, and organic farming from Glen Rabenberg, Nicole Masters and our keynote speaker Klaas Martens. 

On the second day, we learned about the importance of biodiversity, integrating livestock and building an operation around healthy soil from Michael Phillips, Spencer Smith and our Farmers Panel of Ryan Fillmore, Mimi Casteel and Joe Schirmer. 

Both days featured Soil Innovation Hours, run by our sponsors who did a stellar job of offering further information for farmers. We also featured a number of Breakout Sessions, where participants were put into small groups for networking, which resulted in some really great connections from all over the world.

Follow us on social media to see key quotes and highlights from the event (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - LinkedIn). Thank you again all who participated – we hope you had as good a time as we did!

Buy the 2020 Healthy Soil Summit Replay

The full replay of the 2020 Healthy Soil Summit is now available! If you were an attendee, then you already have free, lifetime access to these recordings. If you weren't an attendee, you can still benefit from the incredible knowledge of our speakers.

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This will also be a virtual event. The annual Eco-Ag Conference unites farmers, ranchers and ag professionals from every facet of eco-farming to share their experience and expertise. Beginning and generational farmers running sustainable farms – as well as those in transition from conventional to organic – will walk away with useful, practical information that they can apply to their operations right away. Learn More.

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