Communities need their farms and farmers now more than ever. Acres U.S.A. magazine strives to be a farmer's best resource for growing crops, raising livestock and running their operation economically and ecologically. 

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About Acres U.S.A.

Acres U.S.A. is a monthly magazine that has been going strong for over 45 years. Each issue averages about 100 pages, filled with in-depth interviews and practical educational articles on regenerative agricultural topics, like: 

  • Soil health,
  • Water management, 
  • Livestock and pasture
  • Permaculture .... and more!

While each magazine holds a diverse variety of content, monthly themes throughout the year focus on important aspects of eco-agriculture. Recent themes have been:

  • Seeds (January)
  • Farm Economics (February)
  • Poultry (March)

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Spring Subscription Sale



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