Gerry Gillespie's new book, The Waste Between Our Ears, tackles the issue of waste within our food system – and what can be done about it. When our very first shipment of this book arrives in the U.K., care of the nonprofit Zero Waste International Trust, they sent us this heartwarming update about the book's very first reader:

"(The books) arrived this morning and the young lady downstairs in 9A – Leni O'Leary, aged 10 – is the first person on planet earth to be reading the book. I gave her a copy for assisting me to move the boxes containing the books, which the UPS driver delivered to the door. Apparently Leni has a project on climate change going on in school and the book will be of great assistance there. I told her that David Attenborough had come out in favour of not wasting anything – she was sold.

Nice little story to launch the book's arrival on the scene. Totally appropriate that it’s the next generation reading it first."

We agree! We're very excited that the book has already landed in such good hands, and we're looking forward to even more people learning from it and then going forth to enrich the world. Happy reading, Leni!



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