The end of June is just 1 week away - which means the end of the Spring Subscription Sale. Don't wait any longer to take advantage of this great deal off of Acres U.S.A. magazine.

Here's the Deal

Subscribe for 1 year – that's 12 magazines – for just $29, including print and digital. 

Subscribe for 2 years for a price of $45, which is 25% off, including print and digital.

Save $10 on a 3-year subscription at only $69.

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Follow this link to subscribe – and use the code AGHERO to claim your discount.

High Quality Content

Take a look at these recent Acres U.S.A. magazine issues for an example of the high quality, in-depth articles to expect in each magazine:

 June 2020 – Livestock Issue

May 2020 – Special Report: Coronavirus

April 2020 – Transitioning to Eco-Ag



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