Whole Farm Management: From Start-Up to Sustainability

Garry Stephenson


Based on the acclaimed curriculum from the Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems, this guidebook provides a complete program for starting, growing, and maintaining a farm business. Drawing on the experience and insights of 12 contributing authors and 16 farmers from across North America, it offers a holistic approach to farm management, addressing the Interconnected elements of the farm system and emphasizing sustainable, organic methods.

Rural and urban enterprisers alike will learn about: 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Farm Infrastructure, Labor, and Energy
  • Markets and marketing
  • Business Management for the Farm
  • Managing the Whole Farm Ecosystem
  • Entrepreneurship and Family Business Dynamics

Praise for Whole Farm Management

"This book empowers anyone to start planting seeds for a future farm business."

– Lisa Kivirist, author of Soil Sisters and Homemade for Sale

"An indispensable resource just as valuable for the beginning farmer learning how to produce a crop at profit as for the journeyperson who is already in business, looking to avoid burnout."

– Andrew Mefferd, farmer, author, and editor of Growing for Market

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