Weeds - Control Without Poisons

Charles Walters

4 reviews

Modern Classic

“Low biological activity is inherent in each weed problem ... Each weed is keyed to a specific environment slotted for its proliferation.” So says Weeds — Control Without Poisons author Charles Walters. Further, calcium, magnesium, potassium and other elements in equilibrium are likely to roll back more weeds than all the available herbicides on the market.

Specifics on a hundred weeds, why they grow, what soil conditions spur them on or stop them, what they say about your soil, and how to control them without the obscene presence of poisons. All cross-referenced by scientific and various common names, and a pictorial glossary.

Copyright 1991, 1999, softcover, 352 pages. 28 per case.

POPULAR COMPANION PRODUCT: If you're going to purchase this classic book by Charles Walters, we recommend you also purchase When Weeds Talk to round out your weed mitigation bookshelf. It's a popular combination for Acres U.S.A. shoppers. 

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Judy S.
Canada Canada
Interesting, informative

Really quite interesting read. Informative, will be interesting to implement some of the author’s ideas!

United States United States
Belongs in your library

This is an intriguing read. I'm not sure if the approach laid out in this book works for every ****, because I haven't tried it. It does seem to be pretty accurate for the weeds I have.

Janice A.
United States United States

Great book. We recently moved from the city to a small farm. Outdoor life is very different. Rural plants, vegetation and weeds are abundant. This book was super helpful!!!

B J.
A "Must Have" Book

Written in the classic Charles Walters style complete with dry humor. The first half of the book is the thought process and philosophy. In short, what ever is growing in your field is there because that is what the conditions allow. Let the weeds show you what conditions need to be addressed. The weeds and their associated soil conditions make up the back half of the book along with some general advise and how to fix the problems. After having the book for a short few years I can attest that the advice works. The recommended companion book, "When Weeds Talk" is mainly a list or chart of many weeds with their associated conditions. While both books have their minor short comings, together they round out the understanding of what is going on in your soil so you can make good plans on how to address the issues. As you can see, this is very useful " must have" information for any farm or ranch. Now all I need is a method of **** identification and the program will be complete.

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