The Power Behind Your Eyes

Robert-Michael Kaplan


Good vision is more than a life without eyeglasses. It is the product of a healthy way of “seeing” one’s self and the world. Any vision problem, according to Kaplan, is a message alerting us to an imbalanced inner state. Modern science treats the symptoms, but does not correct the inner imbalance. Dr. Kaplan, trained in both optometry and in the Tibetan healing tradition, unites Eastern and Western medical philosophies in his practice of Integrated Vision Therapy.

This comprehensive practice takes a holistic approach to identifying the causes of vision problems and developing noninvasive, natural strategies for treatment such as easy-to-follow exercises, diets, and changes in daily habits. Included in this book are all the charts and visual aids needed to reclaim your eyes’ natural power.

Copyright 1995, softcover, 192 pages.

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