Minerals for the Genetic Code

Charles Walters


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Dr. Richard Olree believes that the key to the biological role of all trace minerals has been available to science for decades, but nobody realized it. Will his Standard Genetic Code Chart prove to be the Rosetta Stone of trace nutrients? Through sequencing the amino acids in the process of constructing proteins, Olree has traced all the elements to their participatory function in the life process.

In this cutting-edge book, the connection is made between the physical, chemical and biological aspects of minerals and subatomic particles in the life process, and assignment is made of the specific mineral that governs each entry in the genetic code. This knowledge, based on peer-reviewed medical literature as well as research by forgotten innovators, suggests an end to the tyranny of pharmaceuticals.

Each of the 64 sequences (or "codons") in the Standard Genetic Chart is discussed with an overlay of the mineral involved — its absence leading to degenerative disease; its presence ensuring that health is maintained. Dr Olree's genetic mineral chart overlaps the 64 codons that are now a part of "settled" science.

This innovative book reveals a unique roadmap overlaying the body's deepest genetic need for specific minerals, classical chiropractic conditions, acupuncture meridians, and deficiency and disease indicators.

Copyright 2006, 2013, softcover, 303 pages. 32 per case.

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larry b.
United States United States

Relevant to soils management

It cast new light and understanding on Dr. Reams’ work and accomplishments. The role of electrochemically complete colloids has never been made more clear. Further accentuates Siegfried’s discoveries on the interaction of the biogengy of the soil. Spells out the foolishness of water soluble NPK fertilization.

b j.
United States United States

This book was more than what I thought.

The first nine pages will scare the heck out of you when the author points out what harm we have done with over using chemical agriculture. Luckily this book gives us a way to diagnose our health issues and address them. This book pulls in ideas from well known ancient medicine and combines that with modern research in a way that seems quite plausible.

Virginia S.
United States United States


I consider this so useful, I've given previous copies to my 4 grown grandchildren. Recent purchase was for several friends. Along w/Dr. Joel Walach's book "Epigenetics, the Death of the Genetic Theory of Disease Transmission" great for looking up problems to see what nutrients you are deficient in.

charlie p.
Australia Australia

Minerals for the Genetic Code

This book certainly gives much food for serious thought. It has filled in some blank spaces but opened up so many more. Just as I thought I was getting a secure understanding on the place and role of minerals this book shows there is indeed multiple connections yet to explore. I would recommend this text for those ready for a relevation.

Don E.
United States United States

Minerals for the Genetic Code

Very information and insightful information!

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