The Modern Grower's Guide to Terra Preta

Caroline Pfützner

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Translated into English for the first time!

Author Caroline Pfützner introduces us to terra preta, or black earth of the Amazon, what is considered the most fertile soil in the world. Rightly so, because this ultra-rich, living material literally builds a permanent humus layer on the land. The true results of working with this almost miraculous substance are healthy plants and a rich harvest — without outside fertilizer inputs.

And even better, widespread use of terra preta would actively protect the climate.

This practical book by a world authority on the subject — available in English for the first time — practically guarantees success in production and application of terra preta whether in the garden, raised beds, larger growing operations, or simple balcony boxes. Practical examples from commercial-scale agriculture illustrate the true potential of terra preta.

  • Making black earth yourself. Learn step-by-step how to make top-quality terra preta yourself.
  • Using terra preta in your garden or farm. See how the author grows healthful, bountiful crops organically without synthetic fertilizer.
  • Practical in the extreme. Far from a cumbersome scientific text benefit from the rich, practical experience of the author.
  • Extensive background knowledge. Understand the deeper story — historical and scientific — of terra preta and its implications for modern times.

#7566 • Softcover • 176 pages • Copyright 2019

About an Author:

Caroline Pfützner is a passionate hobby gardener with many years of terra preta experience. As a young entrepreneur at TerraTirol KG, which has been producing high-quality soil using the Terra Preta method since 2014, she was awarded the Tyrolean Regional Environment Prize in 2016. She passes on her practical knowledge in numerous workshops and lectures. 

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Sam W.
United States

Terra Preta

Very much ‘on target’ for my research on how to make BioChar and my ‘Garden Soil with Bio Char Terra Preta’ for sale with our stock in our tree nursery.

Vicki S.
United States United States

Life changing

With information gleaned from the book, I was able to make my own terra preta. My plants responded in a phenomenal way with just the use of 1½ inches of my terra preta on top of the soil. It's winter in Phoenix and my tomatoes are the largest I have seen anywhere, and my catnip is four feet tall. Every plant I have added it to has grown enormously, and I'm so grateful for the great information in the book that I bought two copies for friends.

United States United States

A rather labor intensive approach to building soils

I walked away feeling like it was going to be too much work to make biochar compared to my current method of making my own compost and compost teas. I'm still not sure if biochar is as sustainable as claimed. But if you want to learn more about it, this is as good a book as any.

Hugh M.
Australia Australia

Terra Preta Book

Very happy with the quick shipping to Australia and with the book! It's just what I needed: Showed ins and outs of how to make my own Terra Preta, deal with EM-A, Bokashi, compost, etc. with easy-to-follow instructions, lots of photos, and practical examples on how to use Terra Preta for gardening, farming, DIY pyrolytic charcoal, etc. I had been trying for years without much success to improve my poor, very dry soil without chemicals and to effectively use compost without getting fruit fly issues. Mulch was useless - it just disappeared in my garden within a year or two at most, except for the few areas where I had used my previous Terra Preta experiments: What was almost purely hard, caked sand gradually turned to something resembling soil. In over 20 years of various attempts, it was the only thing that made a lasting difference - so using charcoal as a soil improver was ok, but I still didn't have the know-how to do it properly. I finally found this book a couple of months ago and have just produced my first batch of Terra Preta following the (easy) instructions. The difference is fantastic – very happy to say that I can already see improvements in early test garden beds, where the soil is now soft, water retention has quadrupled (!) and my vegies are growing better than ever before. :) A sincere thumbs-up for this great book, I am getting good results in record time! Another big eye-opener was the realization of how much money you can save in the long run by using this method. I suppose better late than never in my case.

Jose L.
Brazil Brazil

Terra Preta fashion

Very dissapointing. I gave only one star because there is no ratings bellow that one. Just look at the number of books with Terra Preta in their titles, on for instance, to find out that everybody is trying to "grab a seat on the wagon" of the TERRA PRETA wave. Mostly german books. I did not know that germans were like that. They just use the title to sell books. This book doesn't explain what is Terra-Preta-de-Indio is or what is behind it. This books covers very interesting subjects though but nor Terra Preta related like EM. Bokashi, Worm composting, Biochar ( unless the germans think that Terra preta and biochar are the same thing which are not) , Rock Powders, composting, mulching, etc...I strongly oppose to this maneuver of using catching words in orders to sell book. If I could I would ask for a refund.


Acres U.S.A., the Voice of Eco-Agriculture

Jose, please send me a note at Doesn't sound like this was the book for you. We'd be more than happy to issue you a refund as long as the book is in resellable condition -- or help you find a discount on a book that would better suit what you're looking for. - Ryan

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