Lessons in Nature

Malcolm Beck


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This amazing collection of essays includes practical and inspirational philosophy and techniques on soil building, planting and growing, pest control and more.

Told in a modest and often humorous style by organic farming and composting pioneer Malcolm Beck, Lessons in Nature combines empirical observation with a healthy dose of common sense.

Through his observations and experience, Malcolm Beck will help readers discover nature while growing delicious food, all without damaging the environment. This book can provide the beginner with all the information needed to get started using organic methods, and to experience the rewards of an organic lifestyle.

Subtitled "Fifty Years of Organic Advice from the Southwest's Foremost Composter, Gardening, Farmer."

Copyright 1991, 2005, softcover, 333 pages. 28 per case.

More about Malcolm Beck

MALCOLM BECK was a lifelong organic farmer and the founder of Gar­den-Ville, a composting/recycling business and retail horticultural supply house. He spoke widely throughout the country, but was particularly well known in south-central Texas. His Garden-Ville operation has grown from a composting pile on his family farm to a multi-million-yard operation in a few years. His compost, fertilizers, bedding mixes, and soils supply leading landscapers throughout Texas. He authored and co-authored many books on organic gardening.

Other Books by Malcolm Beck

The Secret Life of Compost – Beck's insights into the processes of decay that can transform everything from lawn trimmings to sewer sludge into life-giving earth. 

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