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Consultant Halls & Roundtables

This year we're providing more opportunities than ever to learn from, meet with and engage with experts and peers in eco-farming!

Our Consultant Halls allow you meet with leading eco-ag consultants in a small-group setting to get all your questions answered. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain valuable advice specific to your operation's needs.

Our Roundtable Discussions bring together small groups for casually facilitated discussions around topics critical to your work in the farming sector.

Some of the Consultant Halls we have lined up this year include:

Dan Kittredge
Topics: Producing Nutrient-Dense Crops | Defining Food Quality

Steve Tucker
Topics: No-Till | Cover-cropping | Soil Health | Large-scale Farming

Paul Dorrance
Topics: Grazing | Pastured Hogs

Gary Zimmer
Topics: Soil Fertility | Nutrient Dense Food Production

Dr. Kris Nichols
Topics: Producing Nutrient-Dense Crops | Defining Food Quality

Edwin Blosser
Topics: Soil Fertility | Composting

Raymond Yoder Jr.
Topics: Produce Production | Soil Health | Cooperative Business Model

Jeff Moyer
Topics: Soil Fertility | Regenerative Organic Certified

Glen Rabenberg
Topics: Animal Nutrition | Nutrient-Dense Food Farming | Soil Health

John Kempf
Topics: Biological Agriculture | Horticulture

Vail Dixon
Topics: Weed Management | Organic No-Till

Judith McGeary
Topics: Farm Policy & Legal Challenges

Mark Shepard
Topics: Permaculture | On-Farm Water Management | Principles of Ecological Agriculture


Some of the Roundtable Discussions we have lined up this year include:

Holistic Management
with Savory Institute

Beginning Farmers - Rising to the Challenges

Technology for the Eco-Farmer