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Children's Books

We appreciate readers of all ages! Here are some of our titles aimed at children. We have a children's book on food, a tale about making maple syrup, a first-person account of an 8-year-old dealing with Type 1 diabetes, and more.

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The Little Regenerative Farmer

Lauren Lovejoy

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Garden Buddies

Linda Fritz

$11.96 $14.95
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Food In the Flowers

Polly W. Cheney

$8.00 $10.00
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Sip, Pick, and Pack

Polly W. Cheney

$13.59 $16.99
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The Secret Life of Bees

Moira Butterfield

Vivian Mineker

1 review
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Runt, Buck & Coco and the Goatman

Kristen Willis

Nathan Fuller

Perry "Buck" Fuller

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Diabetes And Me

Chase Schmitt

$8.79 $9.99

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