Will Harris & Jenni Harris Audio: Unraveling Our Dependence on Chemical Agriculture

Will Harris & Jenni Harris

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Will Harris & Jenni Harris, White Oak Pastures

Recorded live at the 2021 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Covington, Kentucky, Dec. 6-9, 2021. 

If you need a big ol’ dose of truth and pragmatism, this keynote talk is perfect for you, as nobody gets to the heart of the regenerative farming and ranching movement faster than the Harris family, which has helped pioneer the ways to make nontoxic farming profitable, and joyful. Will Harris is a fourth-generation cattleman, who tends the same land that his great-grandfather settled in Bluffton, Georgia.

Jenni Harris, Will’s daughter and director of marketing for White Oak Pastures, will join her father for an authentic look at how they built their operation, the challenges of creating a regenerative operation within a conventionally-dominated food system, how to build bridges between generations of farmers, the importance of communicating to consumers, and more.

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