The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook

Susan Mulvihill

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Frustrated by garden pests? Help has arrived!

There are few things more upsetting to a gardener than hornworms snacking on their tomatoes, root maggots destroying their carrot crop, and bean beetles wreaking havoc on their harvest. Let's face is: Pests are a challenge no one wants to face but very few gardeners manage to escape. Instead of turning to an arsenal of synthetic chemical sprays, baits, and dusts, let The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook show you how to handle even your worst pest woes naturally.

Learn how to identify common vegetable garden pests based on both the damage they cause and their physical appearance. Then, discover the most effective organic pest-control products to minimize damage while still preserving pollinators and other beneficial insects. Step-by-step DIY pest-control projects round out the strategies available to gardeners inside these pages.

You'll find up-to-date info on how to:

  • Foster the good bugs that naturally control tomato hornworms, cutworms, aphids, and more
  • Manage cucumber beetles with a simple DIY trap
  • Send squash bugs and squash vine borers packing
  • Limit cabbage worms using an inexpensive trick
  • Keep stink bugs from damaging the harvest
  • Eliminate troublesome slugs, leafhoppers, flea beetles, thrips, and dozens of other common pests

Whether your garden is in the ground, in raised beds, or in containers, improved yields and plant health are just around the corner with this book!

SKU 7673 | Copyright 2021, softcover, 208 pages.

About the Author

Susan Mulvihill is a long-time garden columnist with The Spokesman-Review, a Master Gardener, and author of the blog, Susan's in the Garden. Susan and her husband, Bill, live in Spokane, Washington, where they tend five acres. Susan is known for her down-to-earth approach to teaching and writing that appeals to beginning and experienced gardeners alike. Her humor and enthusiasm for gardening are evident in the hundreds of how-to-garden videos found on her YouTube Channel. In 2019, Susan was the recipient of the Media Award given by the Master Gardener Foundation of Washington State.

Praise for The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook:

"Finally, the book I’ve been waiting for! This may be the most practical guide ever written to help any environmentally conscious home gardener identify and manage pests! I especially love that it provides clues to the culprit by the damage they cause and covers a concise listing of all the most common natural and organic control options currently available. Consider this a must-have resource and keep it handy. You will be referring to this often!"―Joe Lamp’l, Creator and Host of the Emmy Award-winning national public television series, Growing a Greener World® and Founder of the Online Gardening Academy™ and"

"There’s no such thing as a pest-free vegetable garden, but The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook is the comprehensive guide you need to identify, prevent, and control garden pests." ―Niki Jabbour, author of The Year-Round Vegetable Gardener and Growing Under Cover.

"Susan Mulvihill is a wonderful storyteller in writing about her long experience with growing vegetables. It’s a pleasure to go on her journey. Along the way she profiles many insects and provides methods to control the one percent that are pests. The end result is a useful resource for gardeners."―Thomas J. Mickey, Author, America’s Romance with the English Garden Cut

“Unlike other books on the topic, the pictures are just amazing along with important clues to help you in the process…a great refresher for experienced veggie gardeners and a must for those just starting out.” ― Hampton Gardener

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