The Use Of Stored Forages With Stocker & Grass-Finished Cattle

Anibal Pordomingo


There are times when supplementing pastures - not replacing them - with hay, silage or haylage justifies the beneficial use of stored forages.  This is different from cow-calf production.  Finishing cattle to the High Select/Low Choice grade on forages alone is not natural and requires unnaturally good forages and management.

The Use of Stored Forages with Stocker and Grass-Finished Cattle explains factors to help you determine when and how to feed stored forages.

  • How stored forages can bridge seasonal flat spots;
  • Details for various methods for stacking and feeding hay bales;
  • How to double an animal's voluntary intake of feed;
  • When to supplement during Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring;
  • How to feed during extended periods of mud or precipitation.

Copyright 2016, softcover, 58 pages.

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