The Salatin Semester DVD/Book set PAL

Joel Salatin

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A Complete Study of How to Run a Farm Like Polyface Farm

18 hours of video on 12 DVDs | 6 hours of audio Q&A | Digital slideshow farm tour | 256-page guidebook | Hardboard shelf box/binder

What happens when trailblazing urban agro-ecologists Rob and Michelle Avis of Verge Permaculture host superstar “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin for a three-day, three-workshop weekend…then expand and enhance that recorded wisdom in a three-month online intensive?

You get an encyclopedic compendium of small-farming entrepreneurial know-how!

And now we’ve gathered up and distilled every mind-bending morsel of Joel’s mob-stocking sagacity from those online events, and captured it all in one encyclopedic extravaganza of integrated agro-education…

…to inspire, inform, and incite you to outrageous small-farming success…forever!

Don’t put off this opportunity to own this all-inclusive, no-holds-barred, home study course…whether you’re still dreaming of your entrepreneurial farming enterprise, or you’re building on the foundations you’ve already laid, this is the novice-to-guru reference you’ll turn to again and again!

Here Joel Salatin shares decades of hard-learned lessons and advice. Learn about:

• Pastured broilers

• Pastured layers (feathernets & eggmobiles) 

• Salad bar beef

• Pigaerator pork

• Irrigation & fencing

• On-farm processing

• Relationship marketing

• Multi-use infrastructure

• Ideal farm layout

• Leasing farms & adding subcontractors

Learn the practical details behind the day-to-day running of Polyface Farm.

“This captures the thinking, the wrestling, the procedures that have made Polyface Farm successful.  We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we’ve made enough mistakes to discover some things that work…. My deepest hope is that the information here will shorten your learning curve and help you be successful.  The need is great.  The time is short. Your participating in this great mission is a wonderful thing.  Now go and do great things.”– Joel Salatin

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