The Organic Seed Grower

John Navazio


Written by well-known plant breeder and organic seed expert John Navazio, this book is the most up-to-date and useful guide to best practices that will inspire vegetable growers interested in growing high-quality seeds using organic farming practices. Detailed profiles for each of the major vegetables provide users with practical, in-depth knowledge about growing, harvesting, and processing seeds for a wide range of common and specialty vegetable crops.

In addition, Navazio provides extensive and critical information on topics including:

  • annual vs. biennial seed crops
  • maintaining adequate population size for genetic integrity
  • seed-crop climates
  • seedborne diseases
  • seed cleaning basics
  • seed storage for farmers
  • a detailed glossary of terms
  • a brief history of agricultural seed growing
  • and more!

The knowledge of growing and saving seeds is too important to leave to the agribusiness "experts". The Organic Seed Grower reclaims traditional know-how, blends it with the latest scientific research, and places it squarely back into the hands of local seed growers and farmers.

SKU 7646. Copyright 2012, softcover, 389 pages.

About the Author

John Navazio, PhD, is the senior scientist and a plant breed with the Organic Seed Alliance. He also serves as the organic seed research and extension specialist for Washington State University. John lives in Port Townsend, Washington, on the Salish Sea. 

Praise for The Organic Seed Grower

"The Organic Seed Grower is what we need to take back community control of seeds from those who have taken it from us." -Tom Stearns, president, High Mowing Organic Seeds

"John Navazio has written a fantastic guide for organic seed breeders and producers. He has taken organic seed production to a higher level." -Suzanne Ashworth, author of Seed to Seed

"John Navazio has made a keystone contribution to the future of the grassroots organic seed movement. The Organic Seed Grower is a fundamental resource for the preservation and improvement of agricultural diversity." -Jeff McCormack, founder, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange


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