The Modern Homestead Garden

Gary Pilarchik


Modern homesteading is a lifestyle focused on living lightly on the land and increasing self-sufficiency. Increased food self-sufficiency is often the main goal of the modern homestead, and with the help from author and homesteader Gary Pilarchik, your road to success is not walked alone.

Filled with easy-to-employ ideas and lessons for establishing a homestead garden no matter where you live and how much land you have, The Modern Homestead Garden focuses on planting, growing, and harvesting your fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It doesn't matter whether "home" is 10 country acres, a suburban cul-de-sac, or an apartment in the city, all you need is the desire to get started and the advice found here. 

Transform your space into an edible landscape with advice on:

  • Practical advice to site and build your very first homestead garden
  • Crop profiles to get you growing quickly 
  • Cost-effective ways to source seeds and plants 
  • The low-down on feeding plants in an earth-friendly way
  • Methods for preparing planting beds and containers
  • Soil prep advice every homesteader can use 
  • All natural trouble-shooting solutions 
  • How to include berries, cane fruits, vine crops, and fruit trees in your homestead plans
  • Food preservation advice that's easy and delicious

Modern homesteading is about cultivating sufficiency and self-reliance, no matter its level. Start small and grow from there.

SKU 7675 | Copyright 2021, softcover, 160 pages.

About the Author

Gary Pilarchik has been gardening for most of his life. His grandfather taught him about vegetable gardening in first grade, and it ignited a passion that has been with him for 52 years. Gary started his YouTube channel, The Rusted Garden, in 2011 as a way to enjoy himself and teach others about gardening. He has since grown his following to over 425,000 dedicated subscribers, and started a second channel, My First Vegetable Garden, a few years later to cater to first-time vegetable growers. His belief is that a garden wants to give, vegetables want to grow, and everyone can have a successful garden. Providing information and options in his videos, Gary’s goal is to educate viewers so they can make informed choices about their gardens.

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