The Little Regenerative Farmer

Lauren Lovejoy


"Enchanting! This is the much-needed story of how health, peace and community grow one dream, one seed, one child at a time and is a must read for the awakening little farmer in everyone."
-Amira Diamon -Co-Founder of Women’s Earth Alliance

The story of one little girl's journey from falling in love with farm animals to starting her own backyard farm using Regenerative Agriculture techniques. This book is a perfect story of overcoming challenges to do what you love while helping improve the world. A must have for those who love the planet and support the regenerative agriculture movement!

SKU: 7738, Copyright 2022, Paperback

About the Author 

Lauren Lovejoy

Lauren Lovejoy is a first generation regenerative farmer from Virginia. She became sick in her 20s with Lyme Disease, returned to her family farm to heal and fell in love with regenerative agriculture and advocating for causes that matter.

Her works include books on overcoming challenges and being an advocate for yourself & your cause. At any point, you can find her still on her family farm, regenerating the land or scheming up a new way to help better the world.

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