Regenerative Soil

Matt Powers


Regenerative Soil - The Science & Solutions covers soil management, remediation, generation, and the science from the biological, chemistry, and biochemistry perspectives and all connected to the natural farming methods, so we can see and calculate those methods for and at scale in all climates and situations from gardening to farming to large-scale remediation. You'll be able to see the cycles for each nutrient/element and why/how/when of their cycles - it builds a principle-based understanding that allows for improvisation and comprehension across disciplines, methods, and techniques.

Soil is so complex, diverse, mysterious and fundamental to plant, animal, human and planetary health. It can be daunting for everyone from those dabbling with food growing for the first time, to experienced gardeners and farmers finding things not working like they used to. To find and recommend a reference that integrates and clearly explains the diversity of soil fertility building practices with the latest scientific understandings is difficult to say the least.

Matt Powers’ Regenerative Soil is the reference I will be using and recommending for those working from the backyard to the back paddock.”

— Dr David Holmgren, Permaculture co-originator

and Author of RetroSuburbia; the downshifter’s guide to a resilient future

UPDATED 2nd Edition - New Citations, New Images, New Information, New Microbes, & Newly Edited

An image posted by the author.Copyright 2021, Hardcover, 256 pages.


Matt Powers is an author, educator, and entrepreneur focused on radically transforming the K-12 experience for children everywhere by aligning their education with current regenerative science, research-based best practices in education, natural principles, and clear ethics: earth care, people care, and future care. Through Matt’s collection of online courses, teacher’s guides, textbooks, and workbooks, K-12 students can understand collegiate and graduate school concepts, learn how to ethically redesign our world, and even restore and rewild large landscapes, reversing the devastating effects of climate change.

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