Raising Pastured Rabbits for Meat

Nichki Carangelo

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This book is a practical resource for sustainable pasture-based rabbit production for the beginning to market-scale farmer.

One of the world's most sustainable sources of meat, rabbit is the new chicken – or so say many in the food world. For consumers, rabbit offers an earth-friendly super protein that's rich in heritage. For livestock farmers, their nutrient-dense manure, portability, and minimal capital investment make rabbits a more viable enterprise than chicken. Yet few producers are stepping up to meet the increasing demand, due in part to a lack of available resources.

With an emphasis on animal welfare and environmental impact, this book includes start-to-finish plans for pasture-based production, breed selection and breeding techniques, care and nutrition tips, guidelines for processing and selling commercially, and enterprise budgets for profitability. Raising Pastured Rabbits for Meat is an essential resource for anyone interested in integrating rabbits on to a diversified farm or homestead. 

Praise for Raising Pastured Rabbits for Meat

"Carangelo's [book] is like a long chat with a warm and generous friend. Her best advice is to avoid rabbit 'monoculturing' ... and instead to make our rabbit marketing venture an integral part of a diverse and adaptable small farm."

– Harvey Ussery, author of The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

"Carangelo clearly lays out the essentials you need to start, manage, and grow a meat rabbit business in a way that not only generates income byt also treats the animals humanely." 

– Rebecca Thistlethwaite, author of The New Livestock Farmer

"Raising Pastured Rabbits for Meat covers some of the ups and downs of a rabbit-raising start-up, as well as the emotions and real-life mistakes tied to starting a farm."

– Daniel Salatin, Polyface Farm

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