Radionics in Agriculture DVD Seminar

Arden Andersen


Radionics is the science of tuning in to subtle energy patterns in nature utilizing an electronic or radionic scanner. This machine, in which the operator becomes part of the tuning circuit, allows for the detection of energy patterns behind elements in agriculture and soil and plant conditions. This is controversial science on the frontier of knowledge.

Perhaps no one is better suited to instruct farmers in the use of radionics in agriculture than Dr. Arden Andersen. Holding a Ph.D. in biophysics and a D.O. in medicine, he has served as an agricultural consultant to some of the largest agricultural enterprises in the world. He utilizes radionics in his agricultural consulting in North America, Australia and beyond. Dr. Andersen’s rigid scientific training enables him to accurately present this complex subject, which deals with such difficult-to-grasp topics as etheric energies, in a solid, sound, believable, understandable fashion.

This course captures an in-depth, four-day school in utilizing radionics that has been videotaped and edited into 11 discs containing 19 hours of instruction, both lecture and actual demonstration. Audio dubs (MP3 format) of the video soundtracks are included as convenient reinforcements of the lessons learned. A workbook contains charts, tables and details referred to during the presentation. A well-spoken, well-organized instructor, Dr. Andersen presents the lessons in a logical, structured manner building toward a thorough understanding of this complex subject.

If you are uncertain whether this video series is correct for you, order the low-cost sampler DVD.

Discs 1-2: Introduction of Radionics • History of Radionics • Concepts of Energy as Related to Living Systems • Radionics Instruments • Learning the Basics of Scanner Operation • Reaction or “Stick” Plate

Discs 3-5: Run Analysis Sheet • Intensity Altering • Product Evaluation • Dowsing & Subtle Energies

Discs 6-8: Run Analysis Sheet & Scanning • Soil Analysis Sheet • Biological Principals • Product Stacking List on Soils • Selecting Seed & Seed Treatments

Discs 9-11: Principles of Programming • Seasonality • Foliar Sprays, Timing, Mixing • Animal Health & Nutrition • Potentizing, Homeopathics • Insect Control • Putting It All Together

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