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The Acres U.S.A. October 2016 issue; Vol. 46, No.10; contains the following:


Transitioning to Organic
by Gary F. Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer Durand
Being a successful organic farmer requires a different mind-set than conventional, and the best time to figure out your approach to organic farming and set yourself up for success is during the transition period.

Static Pile Composting
by Tracy Frisch
Jay Armour of Four Winds Farm became a no-till organic vegetable grower as a defense against overwhelming weed pressure early on, and his successful operation revolves around his innovative, low-cost static compost system.

Support Mineralized Soil
by Jon Frank
Mineralized soil has four basic areas that should be managed: Soil energy, foundational minerals, humus and biology and trace elements.

No-Till Vegetable Production
by Bryan O’Hara
Connecticut farmer Bryan O’Hara shares the details of his growing system, including weed management, cover crops and mulching.

Ancient Waves of Grain
by Tamara Scully
Bluebird Grain Farms, a vertically integrated family farm, has cultivated success growing and milling heritage grains for the direct-retail, direct-wholesale and distribution markets.

Easy Organic Foliar Sprays
by Joshua Burman Thayer
Building soil is a continuous practice for long-lasting organic farming success but, this season’s growth and plant nutrient uptake can be enhanced, not only through the plant’s roots, but also through the plant’s leaves directly.

Natural Processes for Fertility
by Hugh Lovel
Hugh Lovel tackles fertility using ginger as a dynamic example of the importance of nitrates, silicon and compost.

Interview: David Rieff
Orchestrating Change
Author David Rieff discusses the complex conflicts between the development world and the idea of justice for all.


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