The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen

Mickey Trescott


A practical guide to nutrient density and the autoimmune protocol.

Since 2012, the Autoimmune Protocol (an elimination and reintroduction protocol also known as AIP) has helped thousands of people facing chronic health conditions transform their lives.

Contrary to popular belief, the Autoimmune Protocol isn't just about food eliminations! Often applying a nutrient-dense approach to diet accelerates and expands the healing process. In The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen, Mickey teaches you everything you need to know about eating like a nutrivore, relying on her expertise as a nutritional therapy practitioner, personal chef, and autoimmune warrior.

Inside The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen you'll find:

  • 125 Autoimmune Protocol compliant recipes (free from gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, and nightshades)
  • Recipes that satisfy low-FODMAP, ketogenic, low-carb, or coconut-free diets
  • Recipes that take 45 minutes (or less) to prepare, can be made in one pot, or can be made in an Instant Pot
  • 5 meal plan and shopping list combinations, including budget and two-person options

If you are looking for a practical, approachable resource for the Autoimmune Protocol that places nutrient density at its core, look no further than The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen. Mickey's recipes and guidance will set you up for success without sacrificing time or flavor!

368 pages. Hardcover. Copyright 2019.

About the Author

Mickey Trescott, NTP, takes pride in finding creative solutions to preparing, cooking, and succeeding on allergen-free diets. She is a certified nutritional therapy practitioner and author of the best-selling guide to the Autoimmune Protocol, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook.



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