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Acquiring Land Through Lease
by Joel Salatin
Farmer and author Joel Salatin reminds us that, “What makes a farm a farm is not the land; it’s not production; it’s a farmer,” and shares tips for successfully leasing land for eco-agriculture.

Navigating the Dairy Crisis
by Tracy Frisch
Despite the ongoing and recent challenges of consolidation, closures and lowered fluid milk consumption, American dairy farmers are still entering into and remaining in the organic dairy sector.

A Solution for Dairy Farmers
by Maria Dimengo
For the seasoned dairy farmer, tough conditions are part of the ups and downs. Farmers who expanded when times were good are looking for new ways to repurpose their operations so they can hold out until things improve.

Veterans Find New Purpose in Farming
by Jordan Stickler
For a growing group of veterans, farming has become their new life: an occupation that is saving both them and agriculture.

Bring on the Beetle Power
by Spencer Smith
Research continues to illustrate the value of nature’s “pooper scoopers,” indicated that these amazing creatures are important to the health of the soil and the bottom line. Learn how to manage to support dung beetles on your operation.

First-Generation Grit
by Rocky Womack
Virginia farmer Robert Mills followed his passion to build a large-scale farm operation from scratch and mentors future farmers.

Social Media by the Numbers
by Dr. Roxanne Bruce, D.B.A.
Learn how to successfully navigate the world of online marketing for your farm, ranch or other agricultural enterprise.

Interview: Daniela Ibarra-Howell
Eyeing a Common Goal
Savory Institute Co-Founder and CEO Daniela Ibarra-Howell shares insights into how the organization is bringing like-minded farmers and ranchers together to help them succeed.


View from the Country
Monthly musings from Acres U.S.A.’s publisher. 

Letters to the Editor
Readers share their thoughts on past articles and words of encouragement.

Opinion: Monsanto's Scarlet Letter
Journalist Mike Snow says that to quash lingering concerns about glyphosate and the GMO foods it was essential to producing, Monsanto marketers and scientists persistently touted the supposed benefits of the technology while refusing to acknowledge that there could be problems with it.

News in brief from around the world on developments in eco-farming technology, organic food and farming, human health and vital environmental issues.

Science on Your Side
Acres U.S.A. highlights recent research and what it means for you.

The Harvest Table: Meet the Sioux Chef
From the plains of the Midwest, a new and surprising trend in the world of healthy local food is gaining ground thanks to Sean Sherman, an Oglala Lakota Sioux and founder of The Sioux Chef.

Stock & Flock: Pasture Raising Rabbits
Get the scoop on housing for meat rabbits, from construction materials to plans and learn about “rabbit math.”

Small-Scale Success: Buckwheat
Samuel Feldman offers an introduction to growing buckwheat and it’s benefits for pollinators and your farm overall.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here’s what’s on our radar.  



We let you know when and where exciting eco-farming events are happening.  

Meet an Eco-Farmer
Get to know fellow innovative farmers putting ecologically correct production principles to work, resulting in profitable, sustainable operations.

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