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The Acres U.S.A. November 2017 issue; Vol. 47, No. 11; contains the following:


Higher Standards
by Lauren Turner
George and Eiko Vojkovich are reaping the rewards of pastured livestock farming inWashington’s verdant Skagit Valley.

The Curious Case of the Irish Carrots
by Noel Garcia, CCA & Larry Zibilski, Ph.D.
Plant and soil clues allow farmers and agricultural consultants to diagnose and treat fertility management issues.

Making the Switch
by Jill Henderson
Thinking about transitioning into certified organic? A new program could help make the move smoother.

Deep Roots
by Darcy & Dale Cahill
A successful co-op in Vermont has created a useful road map for anyone thinking of moving into the organic wholesale market.

Into the Light
by Lee Allen
Tap into the in-demand specialty crop market of mushrooms.

Proper Fencing for Goats
by Gianaclis Caldwell
To a goat, an inadequate fence is simply a challenge to overcome rather than a barrier to respect. Get tips on selecting the right style of fence, setting the fence height and gate design.

The Future of Food
by Stephanie Hiller
America’s farmland is up for grabs. With two-thirds of the nation’s farmers retiring in the next 20 years, 400 million acres will change hands. Who will control what happens to that land?

Pesticides & Children
by André Leu
André Leu reveals the many serious deficiencies in the regulation and testing of the numerous toxic chemicals used in our food supply and shows that much of the criteria used to underpin the current pesticide use patterns are based on out-of-date and flawed assumptions.

Interview: Andy Fisher
A Place at the Table
Author and anti-hunger advocate Andy Fisher sheds light on food insecurity and its ties to politics and the industrial food system.



View from the Country

Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Seed Matters
Mark Keating asserts that the National Organic Standards Board Crops Subcommittee proposal on organic seed may significantly restrict seed and planting stock choices for organic crop farmers.

The Harvest Table: Corn: Past, Present, and Future
Perhaps no other food has been more closely identified with the Americas than corn. Across the country, people and organizations are working to revive this important crop and bring it back to its roots.

Stock & Vet Care in Ireland
Curious about veterinary care in Ireland? Leanne Dunlop breaks it down and shows the trend toward preventative care.

Small-Scale Success: Cover Crops Revealed
Find out how to start growing cover crops in your garden to support soil health and bountiful harvests.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here are our picks.




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