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The Acres U.S.A. November 2016 issue; Vol. 46, No. 11; contains the following:


Pollinators Welcome
by Tracy Frisch
A grand experiment of creating a carefully planned sanctuary for pollinators has taken one Massachusetts farm on a progressive path.

Hope for Healthy Groves
by Hugh Lovel
The silver lining of a dark crisis like citrus greening disease lies in the fact that there is no turning back to an era of agricultural warfare which was a mistake in the first place.

Growing Organic Grain
by Leigh Glenn
Demand for certified organic grain continues to rise, fueling expansion of existing operations and spurring some farmers to consider adding grains.

Disease Management
by Eli Rogosa
Strategies to control fusarium in wheat include crop rotation, fostering disease-suppressive soil, residue management, staggered planting dates and more.

Sharing the Harvest
by Richard J. Skelly
Fernbrook Farm uses a host of biological growing management techniques to support healthy soil and biodiversity to produce high-quality food for its large CSA membership.

Grazing Logic Revamp
by John King
Holistic Management opened one New Zealand couple’s eyes to the land degradation around them and changed their perspective. The ensuing change in mind-set and management saved their farm.

Go Hog Wild
by Tamara Scully
Managing livestock on pasture, including pigs, means respecting the limits of the land, understanding the animals’ natural behaviors and properly managing both.

Healing the Earth
by André Leu
There is a growing body of scientific evidence showing that the scaling up of regenerative agricultural systems can make a significant contribution to drawing down CO2 from the atmosphere into the soil as soil organic matter.

Interview: Denise O’Brien
Empowerment for All
Organic farmer, activist Denise O’Brien looks at the role of women in agriculture and battling big ag.


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