No Risk Ranching

Greg Judy

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After being forced to liquidate his herd to pay off debts, grazier Greg Judy tried a different approach — custom grazing on leased land. The operation allowed him to pay off his farm and home loans within three years. In this useful guide, Judy shares his hard-won knowledge of how to do it: finding idle land to lease; calculating the cost of a lease; drafting and writing a land lease contract; developing good water on leased land; figuring fencing costs; lowering risk through custom grazing; promoting wildlife and improving timber stands; using cost/share programs; keeping accurate records; and much more. No Risk Ranching was written to help others avoid the same mistakes Judy made while earning profits from grazing. Includes detailed contracts.

Copyright 2002, 2013, softcover, 240 pages.

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Quinten D.
Belgium Belgium
Great information

The experience was/is good, great even. Following the instructions, I was more confident of myself and the goal I set out for. Thanks Greg Judy for spreading your knowledge!

Luther S.
United States United States
Not Applicable Everywhere

First let me say, the book has a bit of "you can make millions in real estate" nonsense slant to it. I have family who have ranched for years - even the way that is described in this book. Ranching is boom or bust. And often it's a lot of bust for a few booms. This book: 1. Only specific regions of this country is it applicable. For instance I leave on the east coast and the density of ownership of land is too great to do what is described in this book. 2. Way understates the costs of setting up a grazing locale. I don't know where the numbers are coming from (maybe the 70's), but a lot of the costs are quite a bit more expensive than is stated. 3. Basically I found the book less than valuable.

Betsy B.
United States United States
Minerals for The Genetic Code

I have liked having the information and will use it supplement my extensive nutritional library. I appreciate the listing of mineral sources from food mostly. I do wish that book had referenced its sources.

Glen W.
United States
American Agriculture Needs This Book!

Very readable book. Wonderfully practical for transitioning to a better way of ranching, running a (farm) business and even more effective ways to deal with family relationships. In fact, we are currently transitioning our Wyoming wheat farm to cell grazing with help from this book and other consultants. I highly recommend this book.

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