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Fertility Farming explores an approach that makes minimal use of plowing, eschews chemical fertilizers and pesticides and emphasizes soil fertility via crop rotation, composting, cover cropping and manure application. Turner holds that the foundation of the effectiveness of nature’s husbandry is a fertile soil — and the measure of a fertile soil is its content of organic matter, ultimately, its humus. In fact, as disease is the outcome of unbalancing of the natural order — it serves as a warning that something is wrong. Softcover, 247 pages. Historic reprint. $30.00 individually.


Turner details his methods of intensive pasture-based production of beef and dairy cows in a practical guide to profitable, labor-saving livestock production. He developed a system of complex “herbal ley mixtures,” or blends of pasture grasses and herbs, with each ingredient chosen to perform an essential function in providing a specific nutrient to the animal or enhancing the fertility of the soil. He explains his methods of cultivation, seeding and management. He also details the roles individual herbs play in the prevention and treatment of disease. Softcover, 195 pages. Historic reprint. $30.00 individually.


Turner explains that livestock illness is a result of bad farming practices and that real livestock health begins with true natural farming disciplines such as composting, biodiverse pastures with deep-rooted forages, herbs, and sub-soiling, as well as the avoidance of supposed panaceas such as vaccines, pesticides, antibiotics and artificial fertilizers. The cornerstones of profitability are rooted in herd health, which in turn is rooted in soil fertility and animal nutrition, cattle breeding for better feed efficiency and cattle breeding for longevity. Softcover, 239 pages. Historic reprint. $30.00 individually.


In this concise monograph, Newman Turner sought to “bring within the reach of the farmer a solution to his disease problems in a way in which drug and chemical treatments have never before achieved.” He relied on his lifetime of observing animals and herbs in their natural environment to guide him in his experiments. While the subject of natural veterinary care has grown and matured, Turner’s clear and simple systems and advice remind farmers of the true fundamentals that consistently work. Softcover, 96 pages. Historic reprint. $10.00 individually.

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