Neal Kinsey: Soil Fertility and Tillage as They Relate to Compaction MP3

Neal Kinsey

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Neal Kinsey's talk at the 2012 Acres U.S.A. annual conference deals with an issue that most farmers confront: compaction. Compaction, he says, may not be the most interesting topic, but understanding how to solve that problem limits the fertility of plants in a major way. The two issues — compaction and fertility — are actually intertwined.

Kinsey has been called a "consultant's consultant." Through his in-depth courses, he has trained thousands of consultants and sophisticated growers in the methodology of soil element balancing using cation exchange capacity. Kinsey specializes in building and maintaining soil for quality crop production and travels the world consulting in and teaching the Albrecht methods of soil fertility balancing. His understanding of macro- and micronutrient balance in the soil is hard to match. In addition to consulting on crops such as corn, cotton, soybeans, rice, wheat and other small grains, he also works with significant acreages of citrus, vegetables, grapes, alfalfa, pastures, oats, melons, almonds, avocados, coffee, bananas, turf grass, and most other crops grown around the world.

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