Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease-Second Edition

Don Huber


New Second Edition- From venerated Eco-Ag Conference speaker and Eco-Ag U instructor Dr. Don Huber!

Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease was the first book to successfully combine the two important plant science disciplines of nutrition and pathology. Soon after its publication by APS PRESS in 2007, the book received a CHOICE (Current Reviews for Academic Libraries) Award for best academic title in science and technology, and for more than 15 consecutive years, it has remained a top-five APS PRESS bestseller.

The tremendous success of the first edition inspired the publication of an updated edition. Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease, Second Edition, covers advances made in mineral nutrition and plant disease, showcasing the most recent scientific findings in much greater detail than in the previous edition.

Discussions of the relationships of macro-, micro-, and beneficial nutrients to plant diseases have been updated with current findings and new hypotheses. New chapters on selenium and the rare earth elements show their positive impacts on reducing the development of plant diseases. In addition, the second edition presents exciting new developments in nanotechnology. Many plant nutrients behave differently when applied in the nano scale. Enhancing delivery and efficacy with reduced rates of nanonutrients has created a new sustainable weapon for managing plant diseases with nutrition.

Within the original chapters, many updates have been provided by new authors:

  • a better understanding of the role of nitrate in activating host defense responses
  • greater attention to beneficial microorganisms and how they help with phosphorus uptake and interact with plant pathogens
  • new findings regarding the effect of calcium on the activities of plant enzymes and their association with biological control
  • a new section on soil fertility management to control diseases in conventional and organic agriculture
  • new research on the effects of aluminum on plant pathogens and suppression of the diseases they cause in the context of mineral and organic soils

Readers will understand the physiological role of each element in the plant and how it contributes to disease, gaining practical and current information for immediate disease management. This valuable resource will serve professionals and students in the agrisciences in addition to growers, industry professionals, and Extension personnel.

Whether utilized as a professional resource for managing plant diseases through nutrition or as an introductory text for courses in plant pathology and related areas, Mineral Nutrition and Plant Disease, Second Edition, will help you break new ground in the fight against plant pathogens.

SKU 7761, Copyright 2023, Hardcover, 488 pages. 

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