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The May 2015 issue contained the following stories:

Glyphosate Under the Gun

by André; Leu

A panel of experts, under the authority of the World Health Organization, has classified the widely used agrichemical glyphosate as a "probable carcinogen." Here's the lowdown on this designation and the long-standing health concerns associated with glyphosate.


Better Berries at Blueberry Hill

by Maria Dimengo

Farmer and organic business leader Phillip Nabors is helping to change the foodscape of northeast Ohio for the better. 


Specialty Crop Taps Growth

by Jack Petree

Organic hop growing is branching out as consumer tastes migrate toward high-quality craft beers.


Legacy of Leeks

by Gary Digiuseppe

Washington farmer Ray de Vries has a passion for growing organically and has succeeded in producing sought-after vegetables.


Biocontrol for Healthy Organic Citrus Trees

by Ron Whitehurst

An invading pest has introduced a disease that is negatively affecting the U.S. citrus industry. Unfortunately, this plight is being exploited as an opportunity to sell pesticides, but Ron Whitehurst shines the light on a better option.


In Search of Greener Pastures

by Tamara Scully

As demand for organic dairy continues to rise, the supply of small, certified organic dairy farms has not matched pace. Many are hoping new training programs and mentoring can help change this dynamic.


A New Direction for Tobacco

by Anita B. Stone

North Carolina farmer Billy Carter was searching for an opportunity in organics and found the answer in an old American cash crop.


Culture of Cooperation

by Jill Henderson

While true sustainability is harder to practice than preach, one woman on a mission to change the way we view — and practice — sustainability has made a big impact on a small, rural town in Missouri and beyond.


Take the Pain Out of Farming

by Jack Wax

Few farmers consider the long-term health effects of day-to-day lifting, kneeling, stooping, twisting, shoveling and weeding — the activities that define the workload of most organic farmers.


Naturally Delicious

by Linda Williams

Jeff and Mandi Horn are a true power couple, successfully running a 270-acre organic farm and serving delicious, healthy food at their nearby farm-to-table restaurant.


The Harvest Table: In Praise of Savory Swine

Free-range raised, artfully-fed and artisanally processed heirloom hogs turn into a glorious gastronomic treasure — especially uncured bacon. Find out how to make the most of this culinary delight. 


Stock & Flock: Succeed with Planned Grazing

Holistic Management grazing expert Ian Mitchell-Innes explores the key points of planned grazing for optimal results on your farm or ranch.


Small-scale Success: From Kitchen to Marketplace

If you live in a state with no cottage food law, don't cave in and give up in despair. Every cottage food law passed in the last decade has resulted from an initial individual citizen organizing others in their state to come together to get the bill passed.


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