Kick the Hay Habit

Jim Gerrish


With winter hay feed costs being the largest single factor limiting profitability for most grazing businesses and the costs of producing hay far outweighing its value -- it’s time to kick the hay habit! Author Jim Gerrish acknowledges that hay and haymaking have been an integral part of animal agriculture for millennia, but many livestock producers are now too busy baling hay to effectively manage their operations and make the profit they deserve. So it is time to admit hay addiction, park the combine and kick the habit.

Gerrish writes in his straightforward way just how much it really costs to produce a ton of hay, how to use what nature provides for low-cost winter grazing, how to do a pasture inventory, how to design a customized winter forage system, how to transition from hay feeding to grazing and more. Since year-around grazing is possible – without hay – in every region of the U.S.A., Kick the Hay Habit is written for every grazier from beginner to experienced.

Copyright 2010, softcover, 224 pages.

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