Ken Musselman: Biological Row Crop Farming — For a Better Bottom Line MP3

Ken Musselman

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Three-hundred-bushel corn? Grown biologically? Absolutely! Ken Musselman has seen it. In fact, he's been a part of making it happen. Ken is an Illinois-based Certified Crop Advisor specializing in biological row crop farming. He's also a former biological farmer himself, so he has literally spent the past 25+ years “in the field.” Ken will share both basic principles and specific practices of biological row-cropping. You will hear how tillage, fertility programs, biological products, and cover crops are all pieces of the biological farming puzzle. And how, when properly assembled, those pieces form a picture of success and profit.

Ken Musselman is an Illinois-based consultant. He grew up on his family’s large-scale grain and livestock farm in north central Indiana and studied agriculture at Purdue University. He returned to the family farm upon graduation and, through experimentation, began adopting renewable, sustainable, biological, eco-farming practices on the family farm. By 1988 he was seeing the principles of biological farming working consistently. His own experiences, along with his desire to help others farm biologically, led him to join AgriEnergy Resources in 1991, where his main duties are: making soil fertility recommendations as well as crop scouting, troubleshooting, and field visits. He speaks widely at seminars, field days, and producer meetings. He has been a Certified Crop Advisor since 1995.

Recorded Friday, December 13, 2013

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