John Slack: The Geology of Life

John Slack

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Geologist/farmer John Slack will explain that living systems not only adapt to the environment but shape it to maximize its geochemical potential. The development of the soil profile is a beautiful illustration of biological ly-mediated mineral adaptation to maximize nutrient cycling and its development is no accident. The geology of life is a geological prospective of the critical work and findings by Louis Bromfield, William Albrecht, Carey Reams, Arden Anderson and Phil Callahan who have recognized that energy does matter, and calcium-rich, biologically active, mineralogically complex soil systems produce the most vibrant foods which are a reflection of biologically mediated mineral transformations. Listen to fascinating insight into rock dusts, farm terroir, and more. Learn how the geology of your farm is as important as the fertility of your farm.

John Slack is a fourth-generation miner who worked throughout northern Canada in the search of economic mineral deposits from 1979 through 1992. This entailed extensive stream sediment, soil geochemistry, geological mapping, compilations, mine development and mine management. This experience would result in employing these techniques in the evaluation of agricultural landscapes. In 1992 Slack left the mining industry and started farming on the family's 330-acre property, Golden Innisfree Farms, located in Erin Township, Ontario. The farm was a grass-based cow-calf operation. Today the farm comprises organic vegetable production and a grass-based sheep dairy. Slack and his father started to evaluate and experiment with agrominerals. Commonly referred to as rock powder and rock dust, this research resulted in developing the Spanish River Carbonatite Complex, a unique igneous (magmatic) calcium carbonate deposit. Slack commenced soil auditing services that resulted in introducing soil evaluation methodologies, commonly employed in mineral exploration, to farm clients.

Recorded Friday, December 13, 2013

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