Jeff Moyer: Advancements in Organic No-Till Farming MP3

Jeff Moyer

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No-till farmers are effectively protecting the soil surface and building organic matter. But conventional no-till still relies on herbicides and chemical forms of nitrogen, which in turn burn up organic matter and lower carbon sequestration potential. Jeff Moyer, author of the book Organic No-Till Farming, will bring attendees up to date on advancements in equipment, methods, and the general state of the art of non-chemical no-till farming. 

Jeff Moyer is director of farm operations at the Rodale Institute. Throughout his more than 30 years at the Rodale Institute, Jeff has brought a farmer’s perspective and approach to issues in organic agriculture. He is an expert in organic crop production systems including weed management, cover crops, crop rotations, equipment modification and use and facilities design. He has helped countless farmers make the transition from conventional, chemical-based farming to organic or sustainable methods. Jeff is not only a farmer but also an activist within the organic movement. He is a past chair of the National Organic Standards Board, a member of the Leonardo Academy’s committee on sustainability, a board member of the Organic Farming Research Foundation, and a founding board member of Pennsylvania Certified Organic. 

Recorded at the 2014 Acres U.S.A. Conference, Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, December 6, 2014.

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