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The Acres U.S.A. January 2018 issue; Vol. 48, No. 1; contains the following:


Organic) Seed Money
by Tracy Frisch
Tracy Frisch presents growers spanning the country and even into Canada to get the inside scoop on the economics and ins and outs of organic seed production.

On-Farm Seed Production
by Anthony Boutard
Ayers Creek Farm creates custom design briefs to help guide their crop-breeding program to produce the specific traits that work best on the farm and for their customers. 

A Hale & Hearty Seedsman
by Leigh Glenn
Saving seed and preserving and improving small grain varieties is the aim of Virginia organic farmer William Hale.

Personal Pathway to Healing
by Andrew French
As another year begins many farmers and growers may want to take stock of their health and make plans to focus on new habits and goals.

Seed Saver Savvy
by Lee Allen
There are myriad reasons to start seed saving — from better-adapted crops and regional flavors to improved crop resilience.

Community Connection
by Lauren Turner
SpringRain is a certified organic family farm owned and operated by John Bellow, and his wife and partner, Roxanne Hudson, who are committed to sustainable, organic food production for their local community.

Rejuvenation Pruning in Fruit Orchards
by Anne Randle
Rejuvenation pruning provides a valuable tool to reclaim neglected orchards, costing less and providing a faster return on investment than planting new plants. It may be also be a consideration for new and beginning farmers

Interview: Carey Gillam
Glyphosate: Toxic Legacy
Journalist and author Carey Gillam shares decades of research into Monsanto and its ubiquitous weed killer. 


View from the Country
Monthly musings from Acres U.S.A.’s publisher.

Letters to the Editor
Readers share their thoughts on past articles and words of encouragement.

Opinion: Being Mindful of Native Pollinators
It is possible that the growing awareness of the plight of the bees, and some of the efforts being made, may not be helping protect the most vulnerable species.

News in brief from around the world on developments in eco-farming technology, organic food and farming, human health and vital environmental issues.

Science on Your Side
Acres U.S.A. highlights recent research and what it means for you.

The Harvest Table: Sweet Memories
Cary Rideout shares his childhood experiences tapping maple trees in Canada to make an in-demand syrup.

Holistic Animal Health
Jill Henderson interviews natural vet Dr. Richard “Doc” Holliday and gets his views on how to best care for livestock and the land.

Small-Scale Success: Siren Song of the Seed Catalog
Many farmers, gardeners and homesteaders heed the call of seed catalogs during the cold winter months — conjuring visions of lush greens, hearty grains and rows of delicious and vibrant vegetables and herbs.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here’s what’s on our radar.



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