Holistic Veterinary Care DVD

Jerry Brunetti & Hubert J. Karreman V.M.D.

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Dr. Hubert J. Karreman, author of the compendium Treating Dairy Cows Naturally, is joined by renowned animal nutrition expert Jerry Brunetti to present an overview of the strategies and tools available for successful holistic herd health management. The emphasis is on natural alternatives for the treatment of common dairy cow problems, including complications in reproduction, birth and lactation.

This video will provide you with a basic understanding of the power and the limitations of herbs, how to treat the whole cow, and how to build an herbal medicine kit for your farm. Drawing on actual case studies, which are examined, diagnosed, and treated using holistic protocols, this video serves as a virtual hands-on course in holistic herd health that will prove invaluable to every dairy producer, from the micro-scale family farmer to commercial-scale operations.

Copyright 2006, DVD (NTSC DVD format for U.S. & Western Hemisphere), 52 minutes.

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